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A thermodynamic meter is any device which measures any parameter of a ... Calorimeter - a device which measures the heat energy added to a system.

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Thermometers, and other temperature measuring devices, are used to get a ... An infrared array detector used to measure the heat energy from objects in space.

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What is instrument used for measuring heat and cold? A thermometer ... The device used to measure changes in thermal energy is called a calorimeter. 3 people ...

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The best way to measure the thermal energy of an object is to use a thermometer. A thermometer is a glass tube filled with a liquid (mercury) which expands or ...

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The faster the molecules of a substance are vibrating, the more heat energy it has . ... scale in the 18th century, various devices have been used to measure heat.

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Measure of avg. translational kinetic energy of molecules. ○. What is ... Heat always flows from hotter to colder objects. Thermal .... Device demonstrating the.

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Apr 22, 2002 ... A thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of things. The name is made up of two smaller words: "Thermo" means heat and ...

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Jan 9, 2013 ... Thermal energy calculators are ideal as a stand-alone device. It takes an input from a flow meter along with the supply and return temperature ...

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Since we're going to be talking about heat, temperatures, and energy, we ... only a few scales to measure temperature, there are dozens of types of devices that ...



Temperature and Heat ... A thermometer is an instrument used for measuring temperature. ... Temperature is the measure of heat energy or motion of particles.

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Q: What device measures heat energy?
A: A calorimeter does. Read More »
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Q: What is a device used to measure heat?
A: A thermometer bolometer - an instrument that measures heat radiation; extremely sensitive calorimeter - a measuring instrument that determines quantities of hea... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What are some methods to measure energy usage for heating devices...
A: There are devices called watt meters that measure the instantaneous values of current and voltage and multiply them together to get the wattage (W = E x I). The... Read More »
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Q: What is a heat unit or measure of energy.
A: It's called a joule. Joule is pronounced as jewel. Correction! It's not pronounced jewel. It's 'jule'. Read More »
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Q: What instrument measures heat energy.
A: A calorimeter. A calorimeter does. Read More »
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