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Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was a French nobleman and chemist central to the 18th-century ... Lavoisier is most noted for his discovery of the role oxygen plays in combustion. ... His participation...

Antoine Lavoisier


Antoine Lavoisier. Law of Conservation of Matter (Antoine Lavoisier). The first ... The Process of Discovery: The Elements (Antoine Lavoisier). In 1661, when ...

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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier forever changed the practice and concepts of ... and the other an asphyxiant that did not support either combustion or respiration. ... to form the basis of modern chemistry using Joseph Priestley's discovery of oxygen.

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Dec 31, 2009 ... There were few jobs in science, and so when Antoine left school he became a lawyer, qualifying in ... WHAT DID LAVOISIER DISCOVER?

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She mastered English, which Lavoisier never did, and translated chemical works for ... The problem was further complicated by the concurrent discovery of new ...

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Antoine Lavoisier was never credited with the discovery of any element. Nor does he deserve that honor. The dates and events surrounding the discovery of ...

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Describes who and what are the contribution of Antoine Lavoisier to the ... Deliberately, he pursued experiments to disprove the Phlogiston Theory and well he did, ... Scheele (1742–1786) in 1771 who discovered oxygen (he called it 'fire air'), ...

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Historians view Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier as the father of modern chemistry. ... But it was Lavoisier who discovered the true nature of respiration when he found that ... It did not help Lavoisier's cause that he also sat on a number of aristocratic  ...

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Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman who was a very prominent figure in biology and chemistry. He gave ... Lavoisier did not discover any new substances .

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Lavoisier demonstrated with careful measurements that transmutation of water to earth was not ... However, he tried to take credit for Priestley's discovery.

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He named the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; discovered oxygen's ... Lavoisier did not believe it was dephlogisticated anything, because he did not ...

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Kids learn about Antoine Lavoisier's biography. ... He discovered that water is made from oxygen and hydrogen and wrote the first chemistry text book. ... Lavoisier never did practice law because he found science much more interesting.

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A: Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was an 18th-century French scientist who is perhaps best known for his role in the discovery of oxygen. Born the son of a lawyer .