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Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) was an Italian polymath, regarded as the epitome of the .... This did not take place in Melzi's lifetime, and the writings were eventually bound in different ...

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This page contains an index of all the Leonardo da Vinci inventions profiled on ... To put away any initial confusion: Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the clock.

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Leonardo da Vinci may well have been the greatest inventor in history, yet he had very little effect on the technology of his time. Da Vinci drew sketches and ...

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According to About.com, the renowned artist Leonardo DaVinci invented several items including an armoured car, machine gun, giant crossbow, artillery park ...

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There are many Leonardo da Vinci Inventions still used today. ... re-invented by someone else, the reason for this is because Leonardo never published many of  ...

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4 days ago ... From the proto-machine gun to the first robot, Leonardo Da Vinci's ... in morally- compromising activity, Da Vinci did so only because he was ...

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A list of 9 incredible inventions by Leonardo da Vinci, many of which were so ahead of ... Despite that, Leonardo is often credited with inventing the concept of a ...

Flying Machines? 5 Da Vinci Designs That Were Ahead of Their Time


Dec 19, 2014 ... Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his artwork, but he also invented many contraptions that were way ahead of their time.

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One of the reasons that he did fail in scientific investigations was because ... of the heart, he wrote, “Marvelous instrument invented by the Supreme Master”.

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Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo, born in Vinci, Italy, possessed a genius which went far beyond simply being a remarkable artist. He was, perhaps, the first ...

Leonardo Da Vinci is best known for his renowned works of art, as well as his many groundbreaking discoveries in mathematics, engineering, optics, anatomy, geology and botany.
He not only painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but he conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, solar power, a calculator and much more.
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Along with being a master artist, Leonardo da Vinci, a Renaissance Man in the truest sense, was also a prolific inventor, conceiving hundreds of inventions far ...

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May 19, 2008 ... Here are some of the things through which Leonardo da Vinci contributed ... as “ modern” as a parachute could be invented over 500 years ago.

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The inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. ... His drawing for the Helicopter is said to have inspired Igor Sigorsky to invent the modern Helicopter .... his vast understanding of human and animal anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci did not think that this was ...