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Clothing in the ancient world


The clothing used in the ancient world strongly reflects the technologies that these peoples mastered. Archaeology plays a significant role in documenting this aspect of ancient life, for fabric fib...

What did people wear in the olden days? | Reference.com


The olden days are considered to be simpler times, and people living in that era wore simple clothes such as work pants and shirts for men and dresses for ...

A History of Clothing - A World History Encyclopedia


Women did not cut their hair unless they were mourning. It was worn in many different styles. Greek men wore plain tunics of wool tied at the waist. Men also ...

The Forties and Thirties - The Olden Days


By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what ... To find out what was fashionable to wear women would read the Australian ...

Women's Clothing at 1860 - American Centuries - Massachusetts ...


BBC Schools - Clothes in the early 1900s


Jan 27, 2014 ... What clothes did people wear during the the early 1900s? ... Children would wear 'hand-me-downs' - their brothers' or sisters' old clothes.

Why did people wear more hats in the past? - Quora


If you look at an old photo of a crowd of people in hats - cloth caps or bowlers or top hats - you .... Why don't people in US/ Europe wear hats these days?

What did the people wear in the olden day - Answers.com


people wore hand woven clothes made by women in hot days-skirts and a top cold days-pants and jackets made from animal fur.

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What clothes did men wear in Roman times? Men wore ... It was given to them when they were a few days old. Drawing ... A tunic was always worn under a toga .

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Though silkworm culture was experimented with throughout the early days of .... No underdrawers were usually worn, however, women did wear at least three ...

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Ancient Indian Clothing - What did people wear in Ancient India ...


June 2016 - People in India wore mostly cotton clothing. India was the first place where people grew cotton, even as early as 5000 BC in the Stone Age.

What Did Women & Men Wear in the 1920s? - Vintage Dancer


Those college kids get to have all the fun fashions. ... The old guard didn't like this much but establishments like the opera and theater had to lighten the rules ...

CLOTHES: what people wore in Bible times - Bible Archaeology


What did they have to work with? ... In early days, the yarn was dyed in cold vats, like those of the installation at Debir (below), which dates ... The most usual Hebrew term for a top garment, possibly worn over the tunic, is the me'il, ... The Cloak/Simlah: In Old Testament times, most people - men and women - wore a shawl or ...