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William Bradford Shockley Jr was an American physicist and inventor. Shockley was the manager of a research group that included John Bardeen and Walter Brattain. The three scientists invented the po...

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Apr 2, 2014 ... William B. Shockley shared the 1956 Nobel Prize for Physics for the invention of the transistor, considered one of the greatest breakthroughs in ...

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Aug 14, 1989 ... William Bradford Shockley, who shared a Nobel Prize in physics for ... The invention of the transistor became the basis for the electronic age.

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William Shockley was born in London to American parents who were in ... out that "his contributions to physics did not lend scientific credence to his judgments ...

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Oct 22, 2002 ... About 30 colleagues of William Shockley, who came to Stanford in 1963 ... Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, and invent the first practicable ...

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John Bardeen, William Shockley, Walter Brattain. Invention of the Transistor - Bell Laboratories. Email Facebook Email Share More. By Alaina G. Levine.

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William Shockley was born in London, England, on 13th February, 1910, the son of William Hillman Shockley, a mining engineer born in Massachusetts and his ...

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William Bradford Shockley, American physicist, shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in ... where he began the research that led to the invention and development of the ...

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William Shockley, Stanford professor and winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics for his co-invention of the transistor, was arguably the single person ... Not only did Shockley consider his opponents to be modern-day Nazis, he was also ...

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William Shockley Biography - William Shockley invented "Transistor" William Bradford Shockley Jr. was an American physicist and inventor who won the Nobel ...