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The Chinese softshell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) is a species of turtle that was first described ... Chinese softshell turtles live in fresh and brackish water. ... through their cloaca as most tu...

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Soft-shelled turtles are fairly easy to care for, but they get big and can be ... a softshell can swiftly become the tank bully and monopolize food and other resources. Even if they do not actually physically harm other turtles, softshells are capable ...

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Aug 6, 2009 ... This is my first and recent baby Soft-shell turtles. I feed them with turtle stick and have not name them yet. Would like to hear any of the names ...

Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, Apalone spinifera, Family: Trionychidae


Spiny Soft-shell Turtles are quite cute and comical as baby turtles. ... The key to a healthy turtle is a "balanced" diet, so be sure to provide variety. ... Handling: Both young and older Spiny Soft-shell Turtles should be considered display animals.

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A big display tank with Spiny, Smooth, or Florida Soft-shelled turtles is hard to beat for ... This water should be free of chlorine, slightly acidic, filtered, and oxygenated. ... Most species will begin taking a pelleted aquatic turtle food quite soon after ... Notes on the courtship and mating behavior of the softshell turtle, Trion...

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Softshell turtles are very aquatic, and rarely leave the water. ... and their beak-like mouth is exceptionally strong, so food does not often escape once captured.

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The spiny and smooth softshell turtles are a more manageable and practical sized ... You should always place the food in the water and let your turtle eat without ...

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How do spiny softshell turtles respond to being handled by humans? ... Spiny softshell turtles are mainly carnivorous, and they eat any aquatic life small enough ...

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The most common in the pet trade and captivity are the smooth softshell (Apalone ... softshells (A. ferox) and the eastern spiny softshell turtles (A. spinifera spp.) ... In some parts of their range, they are an important food item, especially the ... The sand should be covered with enough water to completely cover the turtle but not  ...

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Medium to very large turtles with a round (hatchling) to oval (adult) .... Softshell keepers should have a solid understanding of water quality, filtration, cover ... In captivity spiny softshells tend to favor carnivorous food items like aquatic turtle ...

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Apr 13, 2015 ... The baby soft shell turtle is one of the hardest turtles to keep as a pet. ... Food These turtles are carnivores. But do not think feeding them raw ...

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Soft-shelled turtles are primarily carnivores and eat any aquatic life small enough for them to capture. They have extremely long necks and pig-like noses that ...

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Jul 26, 2016 ... Because soft shelled turtles can be aggressive, you should not put them in ... It is probably best to have just one softshell turtle living in the tank. .... You should sprinkle calcium supplement on all of the food you give your turtle.