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Catfish eat fish, aquatic invertebrates, crustaceans and mollusks.


Catfish are a diverse group of ray-finned fish. Named for their prominent barbels, which .... Catfish do not have scales; their bodies are often naked. .... critics considering catfish excellent to eat, while others dismiss them as watery and lacking in ...


Although he may eat a few, the male catfish guards the eggs and newly hatched fry until they are strong enough to go out on their own in search of food. Before ...


Mar 19, 2014 ... Big catfish like big meals, and few things do more to improve an ... livers off hooks before the cats get the opportunity to find the bait and eat it.


Catfish are a very diverse group of fish, and they exhibit ... ... of foods -- typical catfish eat things like other fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants and fish eggs. ... Caribbean Seahorse Facts · Why Does My Fish Float on Its Back When It is Alive ?


Catfish do have an interesting name even though they are bottom feeders. Their diet can also vary quite a bit. No matter if you are talking about channel catfish, ...


They spend much, if not all of their day chasing and eating fish and it's ... I've targeted blues with live shad, perch and bluegill and know others that do as well.

Jun 21, 2008 ... I never knew that catfish could eat raw and quartered chicken! amoreimages. blogspot.com.


Catfish are bottom-dwelling fish with whisker-like appendages on their noses. Like most fish, they are predatory and can reach over 100 pounds in weight!


Feb 1, 2015 ... Catfish species, catfish tips, catfish rigging, catfish videos and more! ... Flatheads grow large, feed mostly at night, and prefer to eat live fish. ..... a medium-capacity spinning reel spooled with 8- to 10-pound test does the trick.