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The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis), also known as the northern river otter or the ... Instances of river otters eating small mammals, such as mice and squirrels, and occasionally birds have been reported as well. ..... Northern river otters do not generally handle prey of a large size relative to themselves but  ...


Otters may also occasionally prey on birds, rabbits, and rodents. Giant otters eat mainly fishes and crabs. Cape clawless and Asian small-clawed otters feed ...

Oct 14, 2016 ... For hungry Asian small-clawed otters at Smithsonian's National Zoo, variety is the spice of life. A caretaker explains what items are on a typical ...


Otters eat from 15% to 25% of their body weight each day. They can ... However, some species are nocturnal which means that they will do their hunting at night.


Sep 20, 2016 ... So we mentioned that giant otters eat a whole lot of food. A hefty appetite isn't unique to that species. Otters in general need to eat a whole lot to.


River otters can stay underwater for up to eight minutes and can close their ears and nostrils to keep water ... River otters primarily eat fish. ... What You Can Do ».


Feb 24, 2015 ... Two rescued baby otters eat scrambled eggs in video uploaded by Conservancy of Southwest Florida.


Otters will in fact catch a range of prey since they are opportunists. They have been known to eat rats, shrews, mice, voles and water fowl, the young of these ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis) is a semiaquatic mustelid -- a member of the weasel family -- native to a large swath of the ...