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What do small fish eat? | Reference.com


Small freshwater fish typically eat vegetation, insects, larvae, leeches, shrimp and dead or decaying matter, and small saltwater fish, called forage or feed fish, ...

What do pond fish eat? | Reference.com


Pond fish eat live or dried insects, worms, and grubs. ... What do wild fish eat? ... a freshwater fish depends on its species, most eat smaller fish, leeches, worms, ...

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When it comes to the diet of a fish, they eat a large variety of things; some of them are omnivores that feed on marine animals including smaller fish, wor.

What do small fish eat - Answers


small fish eat minows , plankton , other microorganisms and some time small crustaceans {small crabs , animals or snails }.

What Do Goldfish Eat? - Small Pets - LoveToKnow


Wild goldfish eat a variety of foods, including aquatic plants, algae, aquatic insects and small crustaceans. Since wild fish have to evade predators, battle ...

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Mar 30, 2011 ... What do fish eat Reef Fish. ... Their teeth are very small to fit in such jaws and are only suited to eat small soft foods like worms and tiny shrimp.

What do small wild fish eat - Answers


Answer It depends on where they live. Fish of the smaller variety often eat plant and animal matter that lies on the ocean floor (i.e..

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Jun 18, 2012 ... Choosing fish foods for aquarium fish and properly feeding your fish in your ... worms, grubs, various shrimps and similar animals, and smaller fish, some ... However, almost all fish also graze on live plants, and there are very few that do not ... live when you introduce them to your tank - that your fish can eat.

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Algae, Plankton, Small Organics, etc... ... What is the best way to prevent small fish from eating your bait when fishing? ... Why do big fishes eat smaller fishes?

What do wild fish eat? - Quora


Depends on the variety of fish if it is carnivorous then it will eat other fishes though ... Do tigers eat fish in the wild? ... Why do big fishes eat smaller fishes?

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What do fish eat? | Reference.com


Fish diets vary by species. There are some carnivorous (meat eating) fish, some herbivorous (plant eating), and many omnivorous (both meat and plant eating) ...

What Do Goldfish Eat Besides Goldfish Flakes? - Pets


Just like the rest of us, goldfish do best with some variety in their diets, and thrive on a varied diet that's closer to what ... Clip lettuce and zucchini to the side of the aquarium to make it easy for your fish to grab. ... Goldfish can eat a diet of commercial pellets as an alternative to flakes. ... How to Adopt or Rescue a Sm...

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As long as you read this section carefully, your fish may do fine with the right type of general food. ... Make sure your food is small enough for your fish to eat.