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What do small fish eat? | Reference.com


Small freshwater fish typically eat vegetation, insects, larvae, leeches, shrimp and dead or decaying matter, and small saltwater fish, called forage or feed fish, ...

What do freshwater fish eat? | Reference.com


While the specific diet of a freshwater fish depends on its species, most eat smaller fish, leeches, worms, insects, crustaceans, plankton and krill. When kept in an ...

What do river fish eat? | Reference.com


River fish eat crustaceans such as crabs and mollusks. Large river fish such as gar eat other fish. Trout eat smaller fish but also eat insects such as dragonflies, ...

What Do Fish Eat & What is Fish Food Made of? | petMD


Fresh. Some fish will eat a small bit of pea, zucchini, or shrimp. Your fish's type will determine what is healthiest fresh food for it. We recommend partially cooking  ...

What do ocean fish eat? | Reference.com


For example, the whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean. It eats plankton, squid and other small marine animals. It swims with its enormous mouth open and ...

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It depends on the type, size, and breed of your fish. Try sprinkling a small amount of food in the fish's tank and watch. Your fish should eat its fill in about five ...

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As long as you read this section carefully, your fish may do fine with the right type of general food. ... Make sure your food is small enough for your fish to eat.

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Small community fish like tetras and livebearers should be fed once or twice per ... slow-feeding species, do not mix them with anything that might eat their food, ...

What do small fish eat - Answers


small fish eat minows , plankton , other microorganisms and some time small crustaceans {small crabs , animals or snails }.

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When it comes to the diet of a fish, they eat a large variety of things; some of them are omnivores that feed on marine animals including smaller fish, wor.