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Soft-shelled turtles are primarily carnivores and eat any aquatic life small enough for them to capture. They have extremely long necks and pig-like noses that allow them to sniff ...

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Chinese softshell turtles generally live in brackish water. ... by urinating through their cloaca as most turtles do, which involves significant water loss, ... Captives of this species will eat can...

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Aug 6, 2009 ... This is my first and recent baby Soft-shell turtles. ... does the species of softshell turtle change what you should feed them ... what do they eat.

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Apr 13, 2015 ... The baby soft shell turtle is one of the hardest turtles to keep as a pet. ... They do not reach sexual maturity until eight years. ... These animals need to eat a varied diet mixed with natural foods they would find in the wild and/or ...

Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, Apalone spinifera, Family: Trionychidae


Spiny Soft-shell Turtles are quite cute and comical as baby turtles. They are also ... The key to a healthy turtle is a "balanced" diet, so be sure to provide variety. ... To be safe, do not use iodine-containing products with any soft-shelled turtles.

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Fish, gut loaded crickets, worms, and other readily available prey items are typically offered to pet softshell turtles. Larger turtles will even eat pinky mice and  ...

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The most common in the pet trade and captivity are the smooth softshell (Apalone mutica), the Florida softshells (A. ferox) and the eastern spiny softshell turtles ...

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Humans and softshell turtles have a long history, not usually to the benefit of the turtles. ... Most softshells are predators, eating a diet of invertebrates, fish and amphibians, but some eat a more varied diet ... How Do Softshell Turtles Survive ?

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Turtles, like all animals, must acquire resources from their habitat, avoid predators and reproduce. Most turtles are equipped with a rigid shell that protects them ...

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They may show little interest in aquatic plants or Romaine lettuce but will eat .... Unlike many of their hard-shelled brethren, spiny soft-shell turtles do not exhibit ...

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Soft-shelled turtles are fairly easy to care for, but they get big and can be aggressive. ... Even if they do not actually physically harm other turtles, softshells are ... and willing to eat just about anything, soft-shelled turtles can sometimes be  ...

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A big display tank with Spiny, Smooth, or Florida Soft-shelled turtles is hard ... DIET. Soft-shelled turtles are carnivores. They feed readily on fish (avoid ... To be safe, we do not use iodine-containing products with any of our soft-shelled turtles.

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Soft shelled turtles are cute, smart, and fun pets to have. Most importantly ... You also need to make sure you have feeder fish so the turtle has something to eat. ... Do your research on what kind of soft shelled turtle would most fit you. Smooth ...

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Smooth softshell turtles are medium or large turtles that live in freshwater. ... throughout their whole lives, but scientists aren't sure if smooth softshell turtles do this or not. .... Smooth softshell turtles eat many kinds of animals, especially insects.

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Spiny softshell turtles have soft, flat, rounded carapaces (shells) without large scales. The edges are ... What kind of habitat do they need? ... What do they eat?