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Most starfish, also known as sea stars, eat by prying open the shells of prey such as clams or oysters with their arms, pushing their stomachs out their mouths and into the prey's ...

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Mar 19, 2013 ... For our marine biology class we did an experiment to see how long it would take a star fish to eat a clam. This is a ... How does Starfish Born?

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Hey there! A starfish doesn't eat through its mouth. It actually shoots its stomach out of its body to capture food! The stomach begins to digest the food ...

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Nov 18, 2008 ... First, sea stars grip their prey (e.g., bivalves, such as clams and oysters) with their suction feet and pry them apart to eat the muscle inside the ...

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Full Answer. The bright shade and bony skin of starfish helps to discourage predators and protect it in case it is attacked. To eat, a starfish uses suction- cupped ...

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Sea stars (group name Stelleroidea) are sometimes called starfish, though they are not real fish (they lack both vertebrae and fins). ... What Do Sea Stars Eat?

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How do they eat ? Starfish will attach to clams and oysters. Then they use their powerful suction cups on their legs and open the shell of their prey. Finally, they ...

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Small starfish can eat micro-algae. Vitamins or trace supplements may also be given. Feeding Feed daily or weekly, depending on species; thaw frozen foods ...

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Sea stars used to be called "starfish," but they're not fish at all. ... animals can eat very tiny sea stars, but no tide pool animal can eat an adult sea star. Sea stars do have to watch out for hungry birds, and even very big snails in the open sea.

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Starfish are adept predators, although their meals are usually as slow-moving as they are. If you want to know what starfish eat, how they hunt and digest food or ...

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Almost anything that moves slower than they do – which is a lot of sea creatures. Sea stars are successful scavengers and predators. Some attack mollusks, like ...

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Sea stars are successful scavengers and predators. Some are carnivorous, attacking mollusks like mussels and oysters, which are stationary animals. Others  ...

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Apr 6, 2009 ... So, what ELSE do starfish EAT (i.e., prey on vs. just opportunistically feed on)? ( this is just a survey of prey items..and NOT a complete listing!)

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Aquarium suppliers do not always identify their animals correctly, especially ... For example, the infamous crown-of-thorns starfish eats mostly coral polyps while  ...