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A lye is a liquid metal hydroxide traditionally obtained by leaching ashes or a strong alkali ... Sodium or potassium hydroxide can be used to digest tissues of animal ... which can be mechanically crushed to a fine powder with very little force. ... mixing a large quantity of a lye such as sodium hydroxide with aluminum in a ...


What aluminum hull has white powder spots What should be done to take care of these spots? ... What do white powder spots on aluminum hull indicate?


I have noticed "pitting" on the transom with a white, powdery "puss looking" ... You also can connect zinc anodes to the boat to protect the aluminum as well. ... I have taken the bad spots down to bare metal, used a primer coat and the repainted. ... Q. We are experiencing significant corrosion to the hull (below water line)of a ...


White Powder Aluminum Oxide on Engine Components Car Care & Detailing. ... aluminum that can wipe off on the finger tip as a fine white powder. .... FYI the the small throw away foam paint brushes work well in some spots.


Chainplates tie the rig into the structure of the hull. ... If you spot any that are loose or broken, all of them in the area will need to be replaced. ... is at work, as is white powder on bare aluminum, especially where stainless steel is in contact with it. ... Look for pooling water or white powder and cracks at the base of the mast.


If enough of the fungus is present, the mulch can take on an orangish, ... “That's why you see it splattering house siding, cars, even white sheets that might ... Cocoa bean hulls, licorice mulch and cypress mulch also were effective fungus- fighters, ... says he's been able to get the spots off unpainted aluminum or vinyl by using ...


Gelcoat cracking in the hull can indicate minor collisions or trailering mishaps, though on lighter-built boats, they are often ... Breaker panels are another potential trouble spot. ... Look for white powder on the aluminum, a sure sign of corrosion.


Mar 20, 2013 ... How to Touch Up Painted Aluminum: Use these tips and tricks to ensure a ... identifiable by a white powder, and wet, which produces a white goo. ... best approach is to prevent damage to the paint; if damage does occur, ...


preparation - Compounding and mixing of resins - Mould preparation and moulding - Trimming and ... Specific tensile modulus - steel, aluminium and GFRP. 40. 4 .... low shrink characteristics mean they can be used where dimensional ..... They are usually supplied as solutions dissolved in styrene, phthalate or white spirit.


It is in the hull construction phase that no expense should be spared. ... Note the white gelcoat in the mould (under the wet glass) will produce the characteristic .... However, in practice, aluminium hulls are more susceptible to damage. ... as it could well mean the difference between enjoying time spent with your pride and  ...