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Bamf /ˈbæmf/, originally Bampf, is an onomatopoeic term originating in comic books published ... Now with a legion of soldiers bound to his evil will, Azazel used them to raid Heaven for s...

teleport - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


If you're waiting in line in the freezing cold, you probably wish you could teleport yourself inside to the concert. Unfortunately, we can't really teleport yet.

Teleport - definition of teleport by The Free Dictionary


tr.v. tel·e·port·ed, tel·e·port·ing, tel·e·ports. To transport by teleportation. [Back- formation from teleportation.] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English ...

teleport Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary


teleport definition, meaning, what is teleport: to (cause to) travel by an imaginary very fast form of transport that uses special…. Learn more.

teleport translation Spanish | English-Spanish dictionary | Reverso


teleport translation spanish, English - Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also ' teleprint',teleprompter' ... There's no way he can teleport Wolfe out of the Shaft.

When did 'blink' start meaning 'teleport'? - Quora


The first place I heard it was on the show Charmed. The first ... DeathSpank is paying direct homage to the "blink dog" of Dungeons & Dragons, ...

Introduction to Quantum Teleportation - Most-expensive.net


That doesn't mean that it is easy. It would be an incredible ... Similarly, he can teleport to the labs of the friends of his friends of his friends, and so on. However  ...

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Hi everyone, I'm discovering the functionality of VirtualBox API and I have found teleport method in the IConsole class. I'm a ittle bit confused ...

Urban Dictionary: BAMFing


Usually refers to a group of bestfriends who go out almost every night and do ... Top Definition. BAMFing. The act of being a BAMF, or a Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

Teleport | Definition of Teleport by Merriam-Webster


Define teleport: to transfer by teleportation. ... Definition of teleport. : to transfer by teleportation ... Did natural curiosity die when the internet blew up? Or you just ...

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Teleport definition, to transport (a body) by telekinesis. ... Malone thought, if you put handcuffs on a teleport, would the handcuffs vanish when the teleport did?

teleport - definition of teleport in English | Oxford Dictionaries


Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford ... [with object] 'who needs a flying carpet if you can teleport yourself and your belongings ?'.

Teleport dictionary definition | teleport defined


transitive verb. tel·e·port·ed, tel·e·port·ing, tel·e·ports. To transport by teleportation. Origin of teleport. Back-formation from teleportation. The American Heritage® ...