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Itchy thumbs can be triggered by dry skin, allergic reactions to soaps or cosmetics , and skin conditions such as eczema, according to Mayo Clinic. Thumb itching ...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Thumb itch. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your ...

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Nov 29, 2008 ... Itching is sometimes thought of as one of the manifestations of the human ... What does it mean when your right wrist inches all the.up to your ...

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My right thumb, the pad of the thumb, has been sooooo itchy for months now. ... Do you have diabetes also, or any other chronic illness, or is the itch your only ... I know what you mean about that deep, deep itch that you just can't satisfy.

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I've heard a plethora of answers and I'm just going to give you all of them. Not necessarily pertaining to the right thumb, some have said that it means good luck.

Itching Palms and Other Body Parts, What Does it Mean?


Dec 22, 2012 ... There is a similar superstition that has to do with your feet. They say if your feet are itching that means you can't sit still. Others say it's a sign that ...

Palmistry and Hand Analysis: Itching Palms and Money


Jul 12, 2007 ... There's an old superstition that when your palms itch it means money. ... my thumb itches as well, is their anyway to stop the itching right hand? ... I really do hope that means lots of money coming in, because I'm going to need ...

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Redness, swelling, pain, itching, bumps are common symptoms of insect bites. ... Phlebitis means inflammation of the veins, and can cause redness, itching, irritation, pain, and swelling ... Osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage in your joints breaks down ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Feb 13, 2016 ... you're about to come into some money,lol,its an old adage we pass around, sounds ... What does it mean when your nose itches? Why does my right thumb itch? Why are my hands and feet itching me so bad? Why do my balls ...

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If they do not marry until late in life, they are likely to be selfish. 904. Men with fine ... Cold hands mean a warm heart. 921. Put the ... If your right hand itches, you will shake hands with a stranger. 933. An itching ... When you join your two hands , if you place your right thumb over the left, you will rule your married partner. ...