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In mathematics, orthogonality is the relation of two lines at right angles to one another ... In certain cases, the word normal is used to mean orthogonal, particularly in ..... needed to make them orthogonal so that they do not interfere with each other. ... the stones of an opponent by occupying all orthogonally- adjacent points.


a. Of or relating to a matrix whose transpose equals its inverse. b. Of or relating to a linear transformation that preserves the length of vectors. 3. Very different or ...


Define orthogonally. orthogonally synonyms, orthogonally pronunciation, orthogonally translation, English dictionary definition of orthogonally. adj. 1. ... Pieces in such a chain must 'join' orthogonally, that is, edgewise, being adjacent either ...


So does the billboard have to be orthogonally adjacent (I still don't know what this term means even after looking it up on the internet) to the ...


I've seen both "Orthogonally Adjacent" (Adjacent at right angles) and "Edge ... They do mean slightly different things, but it's only relevant when ...


Mar 6, 2000 ... Any move that does not introduce a new piece to the board. ... Leaps over an orthogonally adjacent square to the square beyond. ... A means of capture whereby the capturing piece moves to an enemy-occupied square and ...


The first player that makes a (orthogonal or diagonal) 3 in-a-row of either color wins. ... or orthogonal) adjacent empty cell until one of them make a friendly 3 in- a-row. ... which may only make sense with a view of the board (which I do not have). .... The full name, "Go-moku Narabe," literally means "five stones in a row.


The orthogonal quality for cells is computed using the face normal vector, the vector from the cell centroid to the centroid of each of the adjacent cells, and the ...


Jun 14, 2014 ... The first definition does not try to handle seki situations, the second does. .... every stone is orthogonally adjacent to some other stone in the set.