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pH is short for Potential for Hydrogen ion concentration.


In chemistry, pH (potential of hydrogen) is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity ... Currently in chemistry, the p stands for "decimal cologarithm of", and is also used in the term pKa, used for acid ..... pKw is approximately 14 but depends on ionic strength and temperature, and so the pH of neutrality does also.


Learn what the term pH stands for, where it originated and get a brief look at the history of the pH scale.


Aug 6, 2007 ... Have you ever wondered why the “p” in “pH” is a lower-case letter while the “H” is capitalized? What does it mean? The “p” stands for potential ...


A chemical formula uses the elements of a solution to express what it is. The formula then may be used to determine the properties of the solution and thereby  ...


Definition of pH scale: A measure of acidity or alkalinity of water soluble substances (pH stands for 'potential of Hydrogen'). A pH value is a number from 1 to 14, ...


Acronym, Definition. PH, Telephone. PH, Philippines (Internet top level domain). PH, Public House. pH, Potential of Hydrogen - negative 10-base log (power) of ...


Looking for the definition of PH? Find out what is the full meaning of PH on Abbreviations.com! 'Public' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest ...


What does pH stand for and the formula for calculating pH. Read more . . .


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