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Plate tectonics is a scientific theory describing the large-scale motion of 7 large plates and the .... acknowledged to be the original source of the energy required to drive plate tectonics through...

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The plate tectonics theory suggests that the outer shell of the Earth's surface is split into a few plates that move along the mantle, forming a hard shell, with ...

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Very slow currents in the relatively plastic lower mantle, or aesthenosphere, are thought to push the crustal plates along and drive the process of plate tectonics.

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Exactly what drives plate tectonics is not known. One theory is that convection within the Earth's mantle pushes the plates, in much the same way that air heated  ...

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Mar 21, 2016 ... The convection drive plates tectonics through a combination of pushing and spreading apart at mid-ocean ridges and pulling and sinking ...

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May 5, 1999 ... The tectonic plates do not randomly drift or wander about the Earth's ... the 1990s, prevailing explanations about what drives plate tectonics ...

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Plate Tectonics: The Mechanism. The main features of plate tectonics are: The Earth's surface is covered by a series of crustal plates. ... the source of heat that drives hot springs and geysers, and the source of raw material which pushes up the ...

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Feb 15, 2016 ... We've now discussed the many facets of plate tectonics theory but to complete the story, we need to address a major question: “What drives ...

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WHAT Drives Plate Tectonics ???? This question has been the subject of intense debate ever since the plate tectonic theory was first eccepted by the geologic ...

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Using a pupil model to demonstrate that slab pull is the main plate-driving force. The Earth's tectonic plates move, but what processes cause this movement?