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Mar 30, 2010 ... What eats an orangutan? What do orangutans eat? What animals eat orangutans ? The place of the orangutan in the food web or food chain, ...

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The tiger and other big cats are known to make meals out of orangutans, ... Many humans have the mentality that they can take what is out there and not worry ...

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Likewise, if fruit and insects are unavailable, they may eat bark, leaves and ... Wild orangutans learn to eat hundreds of different food types as youngsters by ...

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What do orangutans eat? Orangutans eat mostly fruit - their favourites are huge spiky fruits called Durian, these fruits smell very bad, and taste a bit like custard ...

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Nearly 90% of orangutans' diet is composed of fruit. They eat more than 400 different plant varieties. Orangutans favor a fruit called durians. Durians are covered ...

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Orangutans are large, quiet, gentle apes that live in southeast Asia (Bornes and Sumatra). ... Orangutans are omnivores (they eat both plants and animals) but are mostly herbivorous (plants comprise most of their diet). They eat ... What's New

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Feb 24, 2014 ... Orangutans live in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. Learn a bit ... What threats do orangutans face? Asia's only ... What do orangutans eat?

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Orangutans in the natural habitat become prey to leopards and tigers. Humans in Indonesia are now killing thousands of orangutans a year for their meat.

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What Do Orangutans Eat? Over 400 food types have been documented as part of the orangutans' diet, and although it consists mainly of fruit, in times of scarcity ...

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Nov 16, 2011 ... Hundreds of Bornean orangutans are hunted each year in Indonesia for food or to eliminate threats to crops, a new study says.

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Q: What eats a orangutan?
A: Clouded Leopards and Sumatran Tigers may kill orangutans for food. Read More »
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Q: What Eats An Orangutan?
A: Tigers eat An Orangutan. Read More »
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Q: What eats Orangutan'?
A: a virus named dephralizer Read More »
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Q: What do orangutans eat?
A: Orangutans are omnivores (they eat both plants and animals) but are mostly herbivorous. Read More »
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Q: What do orangutans eat?
A: Their main food is fruit (60%) Young leaves (25%) Flowers and bark (10%) Insects, mainly ants, termites and crickets (5%) And the occasional egg. Source(s): htt... Read More »
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