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Algae eater is a common name for many bottom-dwelling fish that feed on algae. Algae eaters ... American-flag fish, Jordanella floridae, are also dependable algae eating fish. Many loricariid catfis...

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Jun 17, 2013 ... You need to know how the introduction of a algae eating species will ... Loaches will eat Ramshorn snails, but these types of freshwater fish can ...

Fish eat other fish, eggs, insects, fruits, seeds, aquatic plants or plankton.

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It's important to understand why your tank is affected by algae. ... Many fish thought of as algae eaters are very messy and can actually make the ... For example, Panaque nigrolineatus eats wood, and will not clean algae from glass or stone.

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... algae in most setups. Do not leave lighting on for more than 10-12 hours a day. ... Consider adding algae eating fish if appropriate to the setup. These include: ...

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When we go to a lake or river, we see algae all around us; it is on the rocks, the dock, ... Not many fish eat this algae, so you usually end up scraping it off the front sheets of ... So, to sum it all up, algae is an important part of a natural aquarium.

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Another algae eating fish with a big appetite is the Twig Catfish. Commonly known as the Whiptail Catfish, these algae eating machines can grow up to 20 ...

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These fish look like stretched-out, flattened plecos, and their algae eating capability is also similar to .... It's the only animal discussed here that is known to do so.

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Apr 15, 2014 ... Below is a list of the best algae eating fish and invertebrates available today. Freshwater aquarium algae eaters consist of fish, shrimp, and ...

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Q: What types of fresh water fish eat plants algae grasses etc as th...
A: If you're looking for fish common in the aquarium hobby: many (but not all) suckermouth catfish in the family Loricariidae, including Otocinclus and Ancist... Read More »
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A: Mar 15, 2012 ... i have small aquarium and i want something small for for algae and or left over food. Read More »
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Q: What is a bottem feeder/ algae eater (fish)? | Yahoo Answers
A: Mar 28, 2012 ... Best Answer: Bottom Feeder refers to any fish that swims in the lower ... They will eat algae from all over the aquarium, you will find them o... Read More »
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Q: What Do Plecostomus Eat? | Cuteness.com
A: Plecostomus are commonly called "sucker fish," a nickname derived from the fish's eating habits. Primarily algae eaters, plecostomus will "s... Read More »
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A: Good commercially available food for sucker fish are algae wafers. These sink to the bottom of the tank, where the sucker fish prefer to eat. They will also ea... Read More »
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