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A chemical substance is a form of matter that has constant chemical composition and ... there are exceptions to this definition; a pure substance can also be defined as a form of matter that has bot...

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Apr 6, 2016 ... There is a Law of Definite Composition. The law of definite composition states that ... What is matter that has a uniform and definite composition? What are the coolest chemical substances ever created, and why? What is the ...

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The law of definite composition has applications to both molecular compounds with a fixed composition and ionic compounds as they require certain ratios to ...

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chemical change, change that produces matter with a different composition from the original ... substance, matter that has a uniform and definite composition.

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The law of definite composition (proportions) states that the proportions of the elements in a compound are fixed. In other words, water is always H2O and ...



chemical, any substance that has a definite composition. chemistry, the study of the properties of matter and how matter changes. atom, the smallest component ...

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... "substance", which can be used to refer to either an element or a compound - but not to a mixture because a "substance" always has a definite composition.

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Chemistry has been defined as the study of matter and its inter conversions. ... Substance is matter that has a definite or constant composition and distinct ...

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A solid has both a definite shape and a definite volume: It is rigid. ... as a substance) is matter that has distinct properties and a composition that doesn't vary from ...

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A pure substance has a definite and constant composition — like salt or sugar. A pure substance can be either an element or a compound, but the composition ...