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The curling stone or rock is made of granite ... The only part of the stone in contact with the ice is the running surface, a narrow, flat ...


Origins and ancient history of curling. Olympic history, equipment and rules. Stone, rock, shoes, broom. the roaring game nickname origins.


A curling stone, the puck used in curling, is made of granite, but it is not just any granite – it is blue hone granite that can be found only off the coast of Scotland ...


They evolved into what are now matched sets of fairly uniformly made stones. ... This allows the stone to go farther, more accurately, and pick up more 'curl' than ...


Feb 14, 2014 ... If curling ice was flat, the stone would move barely halfway across the ... built for each arena so the water can be purified before it hits the ice.


Rock: Also known as a stone, the granite playing utensil that a curler delivers. ... The rink is made up of four players: the lead, the second, the third (also called ...


Feb 14, 2014 ... That's because the curling stone has a tendency to tip forward as it slides ... Instead the surface has little bumps, called "pebbled" ice, made by ...


Kays Scotland is renowned for making the best curling stones in the world used by The Winter ... Kays Scotland manufacture and export the unique Ailsa Craig curling stone to top rinks around the world. ... All our stones are made using the


No other curling stone in the world performs like a Kays Scotland Curling stone, exclusively made from Ailsa Craig granite.


The Basics The Curling Rink The Curling Stone Delivery of the Stone The Game ... They evolved into what are now matched sets of fairly uniformly made stones.