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Anna Ivanovna Shchetinina was a Soviet merchant marine sailor, said to be the world's first woman to serve as a captain of an ocean-going vessel. ... merchant marines), and at 27 became the world's first female captain of an ocean-going ship. ... on the shore of the Amur Bay of the Sea of Japan was named in her honor.


While piracy was predominantly a male occupation, a minority of pirates were women. On many ... Because of the resistance to allowing women on board, many female pirates did not identify themselves as such. Anne Bonny, for example, dressed and acted as a man while on Captain Calico Jack's ship. :285 She and Mary ...


There's not a female version of the word captain.When a woman achieves the rank, she shall be called Captain as well.


The majority of vessels are named after important female figures, either historical or personal, with the names often including important women in the captain's ...


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No one addresses the Captain as "Old man" on his face or in any offical correspondence. ... are no set terms to refer to a female ship captain behind her back. ... The Master is informally called the "old man" but never in the first ...


Female captains 19th century Tall ships. ... So no captains then. .... Yes my mistake I see that the Nordland boat should not be called a jakt.


Traditionally ship is called "she". Years ago in one of the textbooks I found that "if the ship's captain is a woman, she can call her ship "he". Still...


1745 Most documented female sailors were English, not American. .... 1854, Joseph Hathorn of Richmond, Maine, married a young schoolteacher named Susan. ... The ship's captain, Samuel Pierson, reportedly modified his cabins for Mrs.


Earlier this week, Celebrity Cruises made a major announcement: For the first time in the cruise industry, an American female would be captaining a mega-ship.