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The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale. One of the ... Their diet consists mostly of krill and small fish. .... to 1998 on whales in the North Atlantic gave researc...

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Map. Map: Humpback whale range. Humpback Whale Range. Audio. Fast Facts. Type: Mammal; Diet: Omnivore; Size: 48 to 62.5 ft (14.6 to 19 m); Weight: 40 ...

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Habitat: Humpback whales live in oceans across the globe and can be seen in shallow water. Generally, these whales live and travel together in pods upwards  ...

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Habitat and Distribution | Physical Appearance | Behavior | Breeding and Reproduction | Diet | Fun Facts. audio ... Humpback whales (scientific name: Megaptera novaeangliae) can be found in all parts of the oceans except for the polar seas.

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DESCRIPTION: The humpback whale was given its common name because of the ... RANGE/HABITAT: Humpbacks are found in all oceans to the edges of polar  ...

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The humpback whale is a large marine mammal that belongs to one of over 80 ... Humpback whales have a pretty diverse diet when it comes to the baleen ...

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Humpback whales have tubercles on their head and jaw. NMFS File Photo ... A humpback whale's diet consists mainly of krill, .... Who are their predators?

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Learn more about the Humpback whale - with amazing Humpback whale videos, ... Description; Biology; Range; Habitat; Status; Threats; Conservation; Find out ...

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Humpback Whales are now protected from commercial whaling in Australia. However, off the coast of South-East Queensland in the early fifties and sixties ...

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Physical Description. Humpbacks are mainly black or grey with ... Diet Humpbacks are baleen whales, which means they filter their food through baleen plates.

Humpback Whales live in polar and tropical waters, particularly those of the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans.
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Habitat. The habitat of humpback whales consists of polar to tropical waters, including the waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans, as well as the waters ...

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The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a baleen whale and a rorqual whale that sings amazing ... GENERAL DESCRIPTION ... DIET AND BALEEN

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The shape and color pattern on the humpback whale's dorsal fin and flukes (tail) ... led to valuable information about such things as humpback whale population ...