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In mathematics, hyperbolic functions are analogs of the ordinary trigonometric, or circular functions. The basic hyperbolic functions are the hyperbolic sine "sinh ...

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The hyperbolic functions enjoy properties similar to the trigonometric functions; their definitions, though, are much more straightforward: displaymath121.

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"Hyperbolic Functions." §4.5 in Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables, 9th printing. New York: Dover, pp. 83-86 ...

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The hyperbolic functions share many properties with the corresponding circular functions. In fact, just as the circle can be represented parametrically by ...

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The last set of functions that we're going to be looking in this chapter at are the hyperbolic functions. In many physical situations combinations of and arise fairly  ...

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In this unit we define the three main hyperbolic functions, ... The hyperbolic functions cosh x and sinh x are defined using the exponential function ex. We.

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Apr 19, 2009 ... ... Functions - The Basics. In this video, I give the definitions of the hyperbolic functions, do a rough graph of three of the hyperbolic functions, ...

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The hyperbolic functions appear with some frequency in applications, and are quite similar in many respects to the trigonometric functions. This is a bit surprising ...

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Hyperbolic is an adjective that comes from the word hyperbole, which means an exaggerated claim. The Greek root huperbolē means “excess,” and broken ...

Hyperbolic functions


bers, and hyperbolic functions are trigonometric functions of purely ... of the fact that the impressive similarity between trig formulas and hyperbolic formulas is.

having the nature of hyperbole; exaggerated.
using hyperbole; exaggerating.
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