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Condensation polymers are any kind of polymers formed through a condensation ... In this example the derivative is a di-carboxylic acid, but di-acyl chlorides are also used. Another approach used is...

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Dec 26, 2013 ... The polyester Dacron and the polyamide Nylon 66, shown here, are two examples of synthetic condensation polymers, also known as ...

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A tutorial on addition and condensation polymers and polymerization suitable for high school ... such as cellulose, are all examples of condensation polymers.

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Additional Polymers are formed when many identical monomers join together to form a polymer (these ... Condensation polymers are examples of A-B polymers.

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Dec 15, 2011 ... Condensation polymer defined (HSC chemistry) ... I dont understand the mechanism for the addition polymer, why did the pi bonds break in the ...

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Learn about the properties of polymers and how they can be used with BBC Bitesize GCSE Chemistry. ... An example of a condensation polymer is nylon. < · >.

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Polyesters: Polyesters such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) are condensation polymers. The formation of a polyester follows the same procedure as in the ...

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Describe the reaction involved when a condensation polymer is formed ... The formation of cellulose is an example of a condensation polymerisation reaction:.

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Explain what is meant by a condensation polymer ... of monomer molecules join together. An example of a condensation reaction (not the elimination of water) ...

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Condensation polymers include nylon, Dacron, and Formica. ... Examples of man -made polymers include plastics such as polyethylene, styrofoam, Saran wrap, ...

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Part 7: The Mechanism of Condensation Polymerization Part 8: A Simulation ... polimarization. Let's look at a few common examples of condensation polymers.

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Condensation polymers are formed by reaction of bi- or polyfunctional ... Common examples of condensation polymers are nylon, Dacron, and polyurethane.

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Condensation reactions are used in condensation polymerization, when a series of ... This reaction example is the reverse of hydrolysis, which splits a chemical ...