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An ideal gas is a theoretical gas composed of many randomly moving point particles that do not interact except when they collide elastically. The ideal gas ...

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An ideal gas is defined as one in which all collisions between atoms or molecules are perfectly eleastic and in which there are no intermolecular attractive forces ...

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IDEAL GASES AND THE IDEAL GAS LAW. This page looks at the assumptions which are made in the Kinetic Theory about ideal gases, and takes an ...

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Ideal gas definition, a gas composed of molecules on which no forces act except upon collision with one another and with the walls of the container in which the ...

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An ideal gas is a gas that conforms, in physical behaviour, to a particular, idealized relation between pressure, volume, and temperature called the ideal gas law.

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Since it's hard to exactly describe a real gas, people created the concept of an Ideal gas as an approximation that helps us model and predict the behavior of ...

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Intuition behind the ideal gas equation: PV=nRT.

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A law relating the pressure, temperature, and volume of an ideal gas. Many common gases exhibit behavior very close to that of an ideal gas at ambient ...

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The gas laws. 12-1-99. Sections 13.7 - 13.10. A bit of chemistry. Let's delve into some concepts that you might associate with chemistry, but which are equally ...

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A gas having particles that have perfectly elastic collisions and negligible volume and intermolecular forces, thus exactly obeying the ideal gas law. No known ...

ideal gas
a gas composed of molecules on which no forces act except upon collision with one another and with the walls of the container in which the gas is enclosed; a gas that obeys the ideal gas law.
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ideal gas | Define ideal gas at Dictionary.com
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