What is Functional Fitness Training?
Join the functional fitness revolution. Learn about functional fitness training and how it can improve your athletic performance and quality of life in this free fitness video.... More »
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Functional training


Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body ... most fitness facilities have a variety of weight training machines which target ...

Functional fitness training: Is it right for you? - Mayo Clinic


Functional fitness exercises mimic everyday tasks. Should they be part of your workout?

Functional Fitness: Working out for Real Life Situations - WebMD


Aug 11, 2003 ... Functional fitness may be among the latest buzzwords in gyms these days, but for good reason. It's about training your body to handle real-life ...

Definition: Fitness training that is designed to mimic and improve the kinds of movement activities that people perform in everyday life. Through functional fitness training, I now sit, stand, and walk with greater ease. More »
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The Functional Workout Routine | Men's Fitness


Search form. Search. Video · Training · Workout Routines · Muscle · Endurance · Cardio · Pro Tips ... The Functional Workout Routine. 1929 ...

What Is Your "Functional" Fitness For? | Breaking Muscle


Functional fitness is one of the biggest phrases right now in the fitness industry. ... CrossFit trains people to be prepared for anything in life, yet the training variety ...

Top 10 functional exercises for full-body fitness - SheKnows


Apr 20, 2013 ... The focus in fitness these days is functional exercises — exercises that simultaneously use multiple muscles and joints to improve muscular ...

What is Functional Fitness? - CrossFit Persist


Add to this the propensity toward muscle-specific weight training, and we have a fitness culture of great looking but functionally useless machines and human ...

FITNESS - 'Functional Fitness' Means Training for Your Real Life ...


Jun 6, 2004 ... WHAT good is having the sexiest biceps in town if you can't scramble up subway steps with ease, run for a bus without knee pain or lift a ...

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Q: What is functional fitness training?
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