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Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, traditionally 85–99% tin, with the remainder consisting of ... The second type, known as "trifling metal" or "trifle", was used for hollo...

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Pewter alloy is made of tin, bismuth, antimony, and sometimes copper or silver ... It is always wise to ask your pewtersmith what alloy was used to make your ...

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Pewter was probably first made in the Bronze Age (between 2000 and 500 BC). Pewter and bronze are related alloys; pewter is mostly tin, with a small amount ...

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Learn about pewter, its use in jewelry, and how to clean pewter jewelry. ... copper , whereas bronze is an alloy made mainly of copper, with a small amount of tin.

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Once the Romans had left in the 5th century little pewter was made here until the craft was reintroduced in the 12th century, probably by Cistercian monks.

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Product Description. AC - Casting Alloy (Pewter) An excellent casting pewter that contains .... Made several belt buckles already, beautiful material to work with.

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So pewterers add antimony and copper to make it harder. Tin also melts at a ... Newly-made pewter containing lead tends to have a bluish tint. This fades away ...

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How is Pewter Made? There are several processes that go into the production of a piece of fine pewter. These processes include casting, turning, and fabricating ...

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ABOUT OUR PEWTER TANKARDS. What is pewter? Many of the cups in our collection are made from pewter. Pewter is a metal alloy mostly made from tin, with ...

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Pewter is a 'soft' metal, an alloy made mostly of tin and copper. Read more below about its history and how it has become purer and is now completely safe.

Pewter is a metal alloy that is 85% to 99% tin and 15% to 1% other metals. Historically, lead, bismuth, zinc, copper and antimony were used. Modern pewter is 93% tin, 6% antimony and 1% copper.
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Pewter is made up of mostly tin. Other metals that are combined with tin to create pewter include copper, bismuth and antimony. Lead and silver are sometimes ...

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The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen stipulates its members pewter is made up of a minimum of 90% tin, the remainder being composed of antimony and ...

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Pewter, tin-based alloy used as a material from which domestic utensils were fashioned. A brief treatment of pewter follows. For full treatment, see metalwork: ...