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Herpetoculture is the keeping of live reptiles and amphibians in captivity, whether as a hobby or ... As reptiles are cold blooded they generally need to be kept in climate-controlled enclosures, es...

Reptiles and Amphibians


In this lesson, we are going to examine reptiles and amphibians. ... to the original question: if a gecko and a salamander look so similar, how come they are so different? ... A person who studies reptiles and amphibians is called a herpetologist.

Allergies to Reptiles and Herp-Keeping Products - Anapsid.org


Those who feel they or a family member are allergic to reptiles generally do so because ... rashes, welts or hives due to the reptile's claws or skin chafing the person's skin. ... (The condition is called dermatographia, something that makes my allergy ... If there is no reaction to the patch testing and the reactions are othe...

Take Care with Pet Reptiles | Features | CDC


Aug 3, 2016 ... Healthy reptiles and amphibians can carry Salmonella and other ... If there are young children in your home, consider other pets for your family. ... are why CDC recommends that turtles and other reptiles are not kept as pets ... handling reptiles, amphibians and anything in the area where they live or roam.

Differences Between Reptiles and Amphibians - Reptiles Magazine


Those keeping reptiles or amphibians are affectionately called 'herpers. ... is when the reptile alerts potential predators by releasing a foul smell; or they hiss and ...

You Know You're Really Into Reptiles When... - Reptiles Magazine


You buy a stand that can hold two enclosures to save space. You find ... (guilty!) When at school if someone sees a frog, snake, or lizard they send you out of class to go get it. ... You get offended when someone is called a "snake in the grass.".

What is a baby lizard called? | Reference.com


A baby lizard is often referred to as a hatchling, though this term is not exclusive to lizards as most ... Keep Learning ... However, they generally do not sit on the eggs or otherwise protect them. ... Lizards do pushups to communicate with other lizards, both male and female, especially if there is a lot of environmental noise ....

Frequently asked questions - amphibians and reptiles


How do I keep snakes away from my home and yard? .... However, you may want to contact you local municipal government to see if they have any ordinances in .... PA Fish and Boat Commission regulations provide that a person may kill a ...

Urban Dictionary: lizard


A person who when making out sticks his/her tongue in and out in a lizard like way. ... Whether or not they actually are shapeshifting aliens is open to debate, but ... Next time you watch the news, keep an eye out for the reptilian attributes of the ...

Reptiles I: Snakes And Lizards; Submission (Islam) - Masjid Tucson


They are called living fossils since all the rest of their order is extinct, having died ... We call a cheating, conniving person a “snake in the grass;” a cowardly ... It can hold its head up to 20 inches off the ground even as it moves. ... They're waiting for rodents and lizards, but if disturbed by a human they will react defen...

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In many cases, the reptile they got was unsuitable for them; in too many cases, .... If housing and caring for insects, keeping containers of worms and beetle ... No matter what you are told by someone trying to sell you a reptile or what you .... The Uromastyx, also called spiny-tailed, or dab lizards, currently available in pet  ...

Handling Reptiles - Anapsid.org


By and large, however, if you can pick up and hold a squirmy puppy or hissy cat ... for some lizards and snakes to approach such a person when it looks like they  ...

Pet Care - Reptile Rescue


Not a word that exists much outside the reptile insiders but there are people out there ... if they kept taping him searching for a snake. ... I have even been called in the past to supply animals to one such show taping here in the Nevada desert.