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There are lots of different varieties of Indian music. Most of the ... The tal, or tala, is a repeating rhythm pattern usually played by the tabla. It usually has ... A drone is a note that's ei...

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The tricky teentala gat had taankari as its focal point, with the jhala at ... North Indian classical music is one of the most highly developed art music's in the world . ... again by playing short phrases against his regular striking of the drone strings .

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The sitar is used in Hindustani music as one of the main melodic instruments. ... tuning knobs all along the neck for sympathetic resonance strings and drone strings. ... and the tabla accompanies the melody (raga) and keeps the rhythm ( tala). .... 3) An intermediary musical bridge section that comes after the alap in a raga.

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AoS1 My Music · AoS2 Shared Music · AoS3 Dance Music · AoS4 Descriptive Music · Creative Task ... BBC Bitesize - Indian Music. AoS2 Indian Classical Music ...

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In Indian music a system known as sargam is used for naming the notes: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. The tonic, or ground note, is Sa (this is heard in the drone). ... Tala The tal is a repeating rhythm pattern usually played by the tabla ( small .... A gat is a fixed composition which is often varied by adding improvised ...

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Although Indian music is ultimately centered around the voice, many people are ... will insert rhythms on the drone strings of the instrument, in what is known as jhala. ... main components to the classical music of India - Drone, Raga, and Tala.

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Sep 9, 2013 ... Jazz and Indian classical music—two of the great musical idioms of the ... have a drone accompaniment (like some early Western music), but after a while, one ..... This is evidenced in North Indian music in both the alap (opening ... The tala systems—both Hindustani and Carnatic—are rich in their variety of ...

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The drone instrument is usually the tambura, which has a long neck and four ... The other basic element of Indian art music, the tala, is a rhythmic cycle ... The northern classical music (Hindustani music) usually opens with a prelude, the alap.

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Nov 23, 2004 ... North Indian and South Indian classical music are two distinct traditions, ... These mainly affect the melody (raga) and rhythm (tala). ... In order to fit better with the pure interval of the drone, the tuning system used is .... The jor-alap section introduces a rhythmic pulse, and the music becomes more animated.

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A Beginner's Guide to North Indian Classical Music ... There are three main components to the classical music of India - Drone, Raga, and Tala.

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Nov 14, 2014 ... The tal, or tala, is a repeating rhythm pattern usually played by the tabla. ... A drone is a note that's either held or repeated throughout a piece of music. ... There are 4 types of structure in Indian Music, Alap, Jhor, Jhala and ...

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Aurally recognise and appreciate characteristics of Indian Classical Music. ... Indian compositional techniques (raga, tala, drone) and structure (alap, jor, jhala,  ...

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Most Indian art music uses a drone, a constantly sounding pitch or set of pitches which gives ... Tala/talam (H/K) is the name of the metrical system and also specific rhythmic meters. ... Alap – Introduction of raga; Drone and melodic instrument