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What is the average shoe size for my height? | Reference.com


For males measuring 6 feet 2 inches or taller in height, the average shoe size is 11 to 12. For males measuring 5 feet 5 inches or shorter, the average shoe size is 7 to 9, ... Where can you find a shoe size chart that compares boys to men?

Average shoe size of a 6'6 male? | Yahoo Answers


Jul 22, 2013 ... I wear a size 16 and I hate shoe shopping my girlfriend if 5'4 and a size 10 ... normal for my height and its okay for guys to have big feet but I think there ... a 6'2 man is almost always going to have a foot larger than 11 inches in ...

Shoe Size - Penis Size Conversion Charts


Charts for converting shoe sizes between America, U.K., Japan, and Europe ... American, British, European, Japanese, Inches, Centimeters, & Mondopoint Shoe Sizes vs. ... "THE Equation", spotted on the Ars Technica Forum: (Shoe Size + 5) / 2. ... if men had large penises and small feet, they would keep falling forward.

Why our feet are getting bigger | The Independent


Jun 3, 2014 ... The nation's feet have grown by two shoe sizes in just four decades. In fact, we're bigger and taller all over, reports Jeremy Laurance ... In the century from 1870 to 1980, the average European male put on five inches, from 5ft 5ins to 5ft ... In 1961, the average 11-year-old boy had size three-and-a-half to fou...

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Oct 16, 2015 ... For years big-footed men have enjoyed a certain rumour about shoe size, but here's what ... Usain Bolt holds his fingers apart to show the length of his feet ... At 5ft 8in, Daniel Bryan is not your average WWE hardman. ... to fit only to discover that the problem was width and I was size 10 1/2 but EEEEE width.

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Apr 15, 2015 ... If you double the child's age in years and add either 2 for a boy or 1 for ... For example, a toddler with a 5-inch foot wears a size 6 shoe, while a ...

YouGov | The ideal height: 5'6” for a woman, 5'11” for a man


Jul 11, 2014 ... The ideal height for a woman, according to the average man, is 5'6”. .... Now in many cases the average female is no where near 5 ft 4 but 5 ft even. or 5 ft 2 inches. ... All the 5 ft 8 guys i see look perfect in proportions and are still taller ... they are average height because they usually include shoe size and...

The Relation Between Height and Shoe Size in Adolescents ...


Dec 18, 2013 ... In the teen years following puberty, growth of 3 to 5 inches each year is common. ... Height-to-Foot-Size Ratio ... The formula for boys is height in centimeters equals 5.3 times shoe size plus 133. ... Gain 2 pounds per week; Gain 1.5 pounds per week; Gain 1 pound per week; Gain 0.5 pound per week ...

How Fast Do Children's Feet Grow? - Soft Star Shoes


Apr 11, 2013 ... Between ages 3–6, children's feet grow an average of 1mm in length each month (about 12mm or 1/2 inch per year). Between ages 6–10, ...

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Dec 27, 2002 ... Q: What is the average height and shoe size for American women and men? ... including: height above ground to top of head, shoulder, nipple... ear length, palm length, head breadth. ... Average height for women: 5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm). About 68% are between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 7 inches.

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Average Male and Female Shoe Size | BrandonGaille.com


Nov 11, 2013 ... For men that are taller than 6' 2” have an average shoe size of an 11 to ... birth and 18 months, their foot will grow to an average shoe size of 5.

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The average male shoe size in the UK is 9, but a few years back the average male shoe size ... in high-density food are causing larger body parts such as hands and feet. ... Adult shoe size = 3 x length in inches – 22 ... 5ft 10.9in (180 cm ), 10.5.

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So... a. what is your gender? b. what is your average shoe size? ... shoe size 10-1 /2 or 11, depending on type of shoe and brand. This sounds like a ..... I wear 6.5, but my feet are the length of a 5.5 (or even 5) with the width of 6.5. 5' 1" .... I'm only half an inch shorter, but with the same shoe size and gender.