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Surf would probably be best because it's better against more types (DE would ... I like this moveset,now I'm going to go and catch a Smeargle.


Best Smeargle Movesets Pokémon Gaming Central.


Unfortunately for Smeargle, sleep inducing moves are pretty common in RU, ... Spikes is typically the best hazard to set up with Smeargle, as its distribution is ...


A reliance on status moves means it is also shut down by Taunt. ... Sometimes it's best to keep Smeargle in the back if your lead match-up looks undesirable so ...


I've decided I want to give him a go and am curious what movesets you guys have used?


Is this a good moveset for shiny hunting Smeargle? Moonblast for killing. False Swipe for holding the pokémon on 1 health. Spore to put the ...


Maybe just return? Not sure if your recycle is for leppa berries or for ditto chaining purposes, but there will be turns where nothing's happening ...


Smeargle is a unobtainable Normal Pokemon, vulnerable to Fighting moves. Its strongest moveset is Tackle and Struggle.


Technician: Boosts the power of moves with 60 base power or less by 1.5x. ... While technically the best ability for Smeargle you will rarely find a place that ...