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The University Wits is a phrase used to name a group of late 16th century English playwrights ... and dramatists set the stage for the theatrical Renaissance of Elizabethan England. ... Saintsbury a...

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Oct 30, 2009 ... Among the University Wits of the Elizabethan period, Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Kyd stand out as theatrical contributors of great ...

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Dec 27, 2010 ... Given below are the names of these University Wits: ... For understanding appropriately the contribution of the University Wits in this respect .... of all the female characters in Elizabethan drama excluding Shakespeare's works.

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THE UNIVERSITY WITS: The growing popularity and diversity of the drama, ... doing so they made Elizabethan drama more literary and more dramatic--and they ...

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Elizabethan period. The University Wits were a group of late 16th century English playwrights who were educated ... dramatists set the stage for the theatrical Renaissance of Elizabethan England. ... He contributed a lot in English drama before.

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University Wits have a fondness of introducing heroic themes in their dramas. ... Robert Greene's plays have a great contribution in the development of English drama. ... However, we can find their influence in later dramas of the Elizabethan  ...

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The university wits were a group of well educated scholars cum-men of letters who wrote in the closing years of the 16th c. All of them were actively associated  ...

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Before the Elizabethan drama, miracle and morality plays were written in abundance. ..... The University Two Schools Wits, as men of learning were called, generally .... Marlowe's greatest contribution to the development of tragedy is his artistic ...

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The Elizabethan Age is the golden age of English drama. ... The second period of the Elizabethan Drama was dominated by "University Wits" {John Lyle, .... They contributed to the formulation of the romantic comedy which blossomed forth in ...

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Feb 3, 2015 ... THE UNIVERSITY WITS BY : PRERNA SHARMA. ... Thomas Lodge was an English physician and author during the Elizabethan and Jacobean Some .... •He made no original contribution to drama like Lyly or Marlowe. 10.

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A group of six feisty, well- educated men chose to write for the public stage, taking over ... Click on the names below to read about each of the "university wits" :.

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University Wits is a term invented by literary historians to identify a handful of ... of his play Tamburlaine in the late 1580s was what turned the London Stage into ...

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University wits, the notable group of pioneer English dramatists who wrote during the last ... in theatre, early form of English dramatic entertainment, sometimes considered to ... contribution to English literature (in English literature: Professional ...