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What is the Definition of Analog Data?
Analog technology dominated the audio industry for more than a century. Beginning with the first primitive analog devices of the 1870s, they were often the sole viable means of recording sound until the introduction of the compact disc in the 1980s.... More »
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Analog signal


For example, in an analog audio signal, the instantaneous voltage of the signal ... Because a digital signal by definition does not vary with another continuous ...

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Analog Data Definition - Analog data is data that is represented in a physical way . Where digital data is a set of individual symbols, analog data is...

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Definition of:analog data. analog data. Data that is recorded in a form that is similar to its original structure. Contrast with digital data. See analog. < Back to List ...

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The definition of Analog defined and explained in simple language. ... Digital information, on the other hand, estimates analog data using only ones and zeros.

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Define Analog data. Analog data synonyms, Analog data pronunciation, Analog data translation, English dictionary definition of Analog data. or an·a·logue n. 1.

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A typical analog device is a clock in which the hands move continuously ... When used in reference to data storage and transmission, analog format is that in ...

What are Digital and Analog Signals? - Definition & Explanation ...


In this lesson, we will become acquainted with analog and digital signals, the characteristics of each, and how they are used in data transmission....

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In telecommunications, an analog signal is one in which a base carrier's ... read and execute central processing unit (CPU) instructions such as add, move data, ...

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adjective an·a·log \ˈa-nə-ˌlȯg, -ˌläg\. : of or relating to a device or process in which data is represented by physical quantities that change continuously.

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Q: What is the Definition of Analog Data?
A: Analog technology dominated the audio industry for more than a century. Beginning with the first primitive analog devices of the 1870s, they were often the sole... Read More »
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Q: What Is the Definition of an Analog Multimeter?
A: Analog multimeters use a meter that's driven by an electromagnetic movement. Current moving through the meter enters a coil. The magnetic field of the coil oppo... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of'analogous'
A: Analogous (adj) 1: similar or correspondent in some respects though otherwise Read More »
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Q: What is analog data?
A: Think of the grooves on an old vinyl long-playing record. The stylus that originally produced the groove was vibrating, and the vibrations were very similar to ... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of continuous data?
A: where data is constantly changing eg. someones height. Read More »
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