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Rational choice theory


Rational choice theory uses a narrower definition of rationality. At its most basic level, behavior is rational if it is ...

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Rational choice theory is an economic principle that states that individuals always ... For example, the field of behavioral economics is based on the idea that ...

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Definition of rational choice: General: Best possible (optimized) decision, from the point of view of the decision maker.

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Definition: Rational choice theory argues that social systems are organized in ways that structure the alternatives and consequences facing individuals so that ...

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The best known example of rational choice theory is Adam Smith's theory of the division of labor from the introduction to the Wealth of Nations (1776), in which ...

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Rational choice theory (RCT) theorists believe that most human decisions are based on maximizing a person's own benefits, while minimizing that which can ...

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Swap meets are an example of rational choice theory. When you go to them, you are likely to choose to buy items that are in your own self-interest. Furthermore ...

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May 11, 2002 ... I then consider several issues raised by rational choice theory. First, I compare the limited meaning of “rationality” in rational choice theory with ...

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extent that law and economics used rational choice theory as its principal ... There is no widely accepted definition of rational choice theory, but there are.

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Jan 3, 2007 ... theory is known as rational choice theory, and its application to social .... Both money and approval are general means of exchange in social ...

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Definition of rational choice and related terms and concepts.

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Definition of rational choice theory (RCT): Attempts to explain all (conforming and deviant) social phenomenon in terms of how self-interested individuals make ...

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These notes outline the standard economic model of rational choice in decision- making. In the standard view, rational choice is defined to mean the process of.