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Marshmallow creme is an American confectionery. It is a very sweet, spreadable, marshmallow-like confection. One brand of marshmallow creme is Marshmallow Fluff, which is used to ...


Yes, Fluff is a particular brand of marshmallow creme, so they're pretty much interchangeable in baking (even though aficionados claim Fluff is a must for ...


Jan 18, 2009 ... Marshmallow Creme had a somewhat lighter consistency and was easier to spread because of that. ... I didn't feel this qualified to compare since it has such different ingredients, ... It's kind of between fluff and whipped creme.


Mar 31, 2009 ... There is a world of difference between Marshmallow Fluff and Marshmallow Creme, and a fluffernutter is not made with marshmallow creme.


The Marshmallow Cream Spread with the brand name Fluff is the original, made ... sugar syrup, vanilla flavour, and egg white), but in different proportions and ...


Finding the right amount of this cream to use in place of marshmallows, or vice versa, may be easier than you think. ... Can you substitute marshmallows for marshmallow cream in fudge? if so, how many .... Maybe your recipe is a bit different.


Can you substitute marshmallow cream for the miniature marshmallows? If so, what would be the ... There is little difference between them. Marshmallows have  ...



Dec 4, 2014 ... Ever wondered, "Can I make make marshmallow fluff from ... to a topping for a s' mores pie or cake or even a tasty ice cream topping.