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Et vir


Et vir is a Latin phrase meaning "and husband". It is used in legal literature to indicate a couple comprising an identified woman and her otherwise unidentified  ...

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How do you say 'husband' in Latin? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.

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Spell Syllables. Examples; Word Origin. See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com. noun. 1. either member of a married pair in relation to the other; one's husband or ... spouse (feminine) (aphetic for espous, espouse) < Latin spōnsus, spōnsa ...

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In Spain, we say "marido" and "mujer" most of the times. Maybe "esposo" and " esposa" will be ... but I don't think I have ever heard or read "cónyuge" in Mexico, Spain, Cuba, or Panama, or in any publication from elsewhere in Latin America.

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Help with language usage, grammar questions, punctuation, spelling, and ... is the invented word maritorious, from the Latin word for a husband, maritus. But it's  ...

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... wer (“a male being, man, husband, hero”), from Proto-Germanic *weraz (“ man”), ... (someone): The colloquial wer meaning “someone” cannot usually be the first ... The Proto-Indo-European root is also the source of Latin vir, Sanskrit वीर ...

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Latin is an inflected language, meaning that the endings of words vary according to how the words are used in a .... husband, maritus, sponsus, conjux, vir.

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Define uxoricide: murder of a wife by her husband. ... 1 [Medieval Latin uxoricidium, from Latin uxor wife + -i- + -cidium -cide] .... Difficult Spelling Words Quiz.

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She went to the party sans her husband. ... Middle English saun, sans, from Anglo-French san, sanz, modification of Latin sine without — more at sunder.

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May 1, 2015 ... Latin is a language we can all relate to, as many modern words are ... that it has alot of meaning to me and my new husband and i really want to ...

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Husband Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. HUSBAND huz'-band (' ish; aner): In the Hebrew household the husband and father was the chief ...

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Archaic. of or relating to a husband. Origin of marital. Expand. Latin. 1595-1605. 1595-1605; < Latin marītālis of married people, derivative of marītus of marriage.

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The word aestivation is roughly opposite in meaning, but it isn't in general use ... is the invented word maritorious, from the Latin word for a husband, maritus.