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In chemistry, the law of definite proportions, sometimes called Proust's law or the law of definite composition, states that a chemical compound always contains ...

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Learn more about the law of definite composition in the Boundless open textbook .

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Law of definite composition definition, Chemistry. the statement that in a pure compound the elements are always combined in fixed proportions by weight.

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Whatever the source of water, its composition is that of two atoms of hydrogen and ... Law of Definite Proportions: % by Weight of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Water ...

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Law of definite composition states that the elements in a given compound are always combined in the same proportion by mass. This law form the basis for the  ...

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Law of definite proportions, statement that every chemical compound contains ... on the composition of many substances, especially the oxides of iron (1797).

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Nov 6, 2013 ... Law of Definite Composition. Mary Williams .... General Chemistry - How To Calculate Hydrate Composition - Duration: 9:22. Free Chem Tutor ...

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The law of definite proportions is a law of science that says that a chemical compound is always made up of the exact same proportion of elements by mass.

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Atoms and molecules faithfully obey certain sets of laws that enable the study of chemistry (or indeed other science subjects) in a systematic way. Below listed ...

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The Law of Definite Composition Return to www.101science.com home page. " The Law of Definite Composition states: A compound always contains two or ...

law of definite composition
Chemistry. the statement that in a pure compound the elements are always combined in fixed proportions by weight.
Logic. the law that either a proposition or its denial must be true.
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