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a bristletail, Thermobia domestica, that lives in areas around furnaces, boilers, steampipes, etc.
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Thysanura is the now deprecated name of an order of the class insecta. The current name is Zygentoma and encompasses the silverfish or fishmoths, and ...

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Jun 4, 2013 ... Silverfish and firebrats are harmless to humans, but are considered ... and a large house infestation usually means they have been there for a ...

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Silverfish / Firebrats. The name Thysanura, derived from the Greek "thysano-" meaning fringed and "ura" meaning tail, refers to the long, fringed filaments on the ...

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With a flat, elongated body and quick, agile movement, the Firebrat can occupy ... These characteristics, coupled with its love for carbohydrates, mean it can get ...

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Firebrat definition, definition of firebrat, Anagrams of firebrat, words that start with Firebrat, and words that can be created from firebrat.

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Silverfish have what is called a “gradual” or “incomplete” metamorphosis, meaning that they develop into adults by stages rather than by pupation. Nymphs take ...

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silverfish - Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of silverfish in Hindi dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of silverfish in Hindi and English.

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Sep 24, 2015 ... Silverfish meaning in Hindi : Get detailed meaning of SILVERFISH in Hindi language.This page shows Silverfish meaning in Hindi with ...



silverfish, common name for primitive, wingless insects of the family Lepismatidae. ... silverfish: meaning and definitions - silverfish: Definition and Pronunciation ...

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Q: What is the meaning of firebrat?
A: firebrat: lives in warm moist areas e.g. around furnaces Read More »
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Q: What does firebrat mean?
A: Meaning lives in warm moist areas e.g. around furnaces Synonym(s) Thermobia domestica (what does Thermobia domestica mean?) Hypernyms(s) firebrat is a kind of… ... Read More »
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Q: What does firebrat mean?
A: The term 'firebrat' means lives in warm moist areas e.g. around furnaces. Read More »
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Q: Silverfish/Firebrats? What does this mean? Should I be worried, o...
A: Your O.K. Bugs Have the ability to get through small cracks. It must've came from outside. Did you leave a window or door open? If it was any bigger than 2 inch... Read More »
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Any of various fishes having silvery scales, such as a tarpon or silverside. 2. Any of various small wingless insects of the order Thysanura, having a silvery body ...