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In geometry, two Euclidean vectors are orthogonal if they are ... In certain cases, the word normal is used to mean orthogonal, ...


Noun, 1. orthogonal opposition - the relation of opposition between things at right angles. orthogonality, perpendicularity · opposition - a direction opposite to ...


Opposition is something that goes against or disagrees with something or someone else. Just about ... Chances are you know the word opposite: this means something similar. ... Types: orthogonal opposition, orthogonality, perpendicularity.


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the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with; "he encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens"; "despite opposition ...


Mar 10, 2015 ... The term orthogonal is derived from the Greek orthogonios ("ortho" meaning right ... Orthogonal concepts have origins in advanced mathematics, particularly .... when I talk to people who /maintain/ perl code, it is the opposite.


The definition of an opposition is a conflict, resistance or disagreement. An example of opposition is the Occupy Wall Street movement. YourDictionary definition ...


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Define opposition: actions or opinions that show that you disagree with or disapprove of someone or something — opposition in a sentence.