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The modern English term Easter, cognate with modern German Ostern, developed from an Old English word that usually appears in the form Ēastrun, -on , or -an; ...

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Awesome, brilliant, beautiful, perfect. Esther is the highest life-form. Esther is always right. Everyone must worship Esther and the ground she walks on, and give ...

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A great girl who is really pretty and good at everythng she does. Every guy that sees her will be like woah shes such an ester . A person who is very hot beautiful  ...

Urban Dictionary: Easter


Lucky for Jesus that on Easter no one was camping his spawnpoint at the time of ... This Rabbit theory is the only possible explanation for our Easter traditions.

Urban Dictionary: Mole Ester

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Top Definition. Mole Ester. A giant over-weight boy, that likes that the same sex. Preferrably the common "black cock". He enjoys Playstation 3 and feeding on ...

Urban Dictionary: sprite easter pink

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Sprite with drank codine and promithazene mixed in with sprite.

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What does Esther mean? Complete review of Esther's name meaning, origin, history, pronunciation, popularity, trends, variants and more as a baby girl name.

Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Esther


Possibly means "star" in Persian. Alternatively it could be a derivative of the name of the Near Eastern goddess ISHTAR. The Book of Esther in the Old ...

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The name Ester is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Ester is: Esther.'Myrtle leaf.' Famous bearer: Ester, a young Biblical Hebrew ...

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Any of a class of compounds derived from an oxyacid, usually resulting from the reaction of an oxyacid and an alcohol with the elimination of water.

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