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Q&A. By: Cheerios. Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal 17 oz. Box ...... are asking, but a serving size is 3/4 of a cup, or one ounce by weight, or 6 ounces by volume.

The Weight Of Cereal In A Box Is Normally Distribu... | Chegg.com


The weight of cereal in a box is normally distributed with mean 16.5 ounces and standard deviation 0.1 ounce. What percentage of the boxes contain less than ...

SOLUTION: The mean weight of a box of cereal filled by a machine ...


SOLUTION: The mean weight of a box of cereal filled by a machine is 15.0 ounces, with a standard deviation of 0.4 ounce. If the weights of all the boxes filled by ...

Honey Nut Cheerios® Box Cereal | General Mills Convenience and ...


Honey Nut Cheerios® Box Cereal. PRODUCT ... Honey Nut Cheerios® Cup Cereal 6ct. September ... NET WEIGHT: N/A, VOLUME: 1.379 CF, HEIGHT: 11.81 IN.

Frosted Flakes Cereal, Family Size, 27.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2 ...


Shop Frosted Flakes Cold Breakfast Cereals at Amazon.com. ... Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies); Domestic Shipping: Currently, ...

Healthy eating: Cereal boxes in your kitchen can be used to predict ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... Keeping a box of cereal out on the kitchen counter means you are likely to weigh more than people who keep their cereal boxes tided away, ...

1. Three boxes A, B and C weigh 12kg altogether. Box A weighs 1.2 ...

www.jiskha.com/search/index.cgi?query=1. Three boxes A, B and C weigh 12kg altogether. Box A weighs 1.2kg more than B and 0.3kg more than C. What is the weight of the heaviest box?

The contents of the first three boxes are found to weigh 339.0g, 337.7 g, and 338.9 g. (a) What minimum weight of cereal must the fourth box contain so that .

How much does your average box of cereal weigh - Answers.com


Your normal box of cereal would probably weigh 500g (500grams) The normal box of cereal being kellogs cereal. There is no average cereal box size.

These 4 Clouded Leopard Cubs Weigh Less Than a Box of Cereal ...


May 20, 2015 ... Video of 4 rare clouded leopard cubs that were born at the Port Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Did I just eat an entire box of cereal? Why yes. Yes I did.


Make sure you're getting enough to eat and that your current weight isn't too low. Cereals = sugar and starch. Those two things provide energy ...

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Buy Cheerios Cereal 21 oz. Box at Walmart.com.

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If the weight (in grams) of cereal in a box of Lucky Charms is N(484,8), what is the probability that the box will contain less than the advertised weight of 456 gm?

SOLUTION: A box of cereal shouldweigh 397 g. the quality controle ...


SOLUTION: A box of cereal shouldweigh 397 g. the quality controle inspector weighs every 50th box. The inspector rejects any box that s not wthin 10 g of the ...