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A drone is a male bee that is the product of an unfertilized egg. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers and do not gather nectar and pollen.


Nov 12, 2016 ... The drone bee is a fascinating creature from his birth, mating and congregating habits. This article covers the role of the drone in the colony.


There are also a few hundred "drones" which are male bees who do nothing but sip the honey until they are told to leave the hive by their sisters! At the center of ...


Jul 16, 2016 ... The drone bee is often considered to contribute little to the colony. In reality their role is essential not just for breeding but for genetic diversity.


The Drone Bee: a light-hearted look at the life of the male honey bee and its role in the colony.


The drone is the only male bee in the colony. Drones make up a relatively small percentage of the hive's total population. At the peak of the season, their ...


By Howland Blackiston. Three different castes (worker, queen, and drone) make up the total population of a bee hive. Each has its own characteristics, roles, and  ...


Sep 11, 2013 ... If you're a drone bee, life is tough. You're born, live for a month or two, and then die. During that time, you're not a productive member of the ...

Aug 26, 2013 ... Drone honey bees are male. They do not have a stinger and really don't work in the colony at all. Their sole purpose is to be available in case a ...