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A number that is multiplied by itself is called a base when it is written in exponential notation. Exponential notation consists of the number to be multiplied and a ...

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(If you already know square root then scroll down to find your answer, If not then ignore this) ... A x A (Multiplying by itself, called as squaring) gives you B I.e. A x A  ...

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I understand square roots, but why multiply a number by itself?

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May 1, 2016 ... Best Answer: It's called a power of the original number. 2x2x2 is called the "third power of 2". That's written as 2³, or 2^3 if you don't superscript ...

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What is the number when multiplied by itself three times gives the other number ? For example 3 is ... X , Y , Z etc are called unknown variables . Note we need to ...

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It is called the squared number. 12 = 1 22 = 4 32 = 9 42 = 16 52 = 25 62 = 36 72 = 49 82 = 64 92 = 81 102 = 100 112 = 121 122 = 144 132 = 169 142 = 196 152 ...

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The square root is really asking "What number should/did I multiply by itself to ...... R part is called the root of the operation and the 2 is the square operation itself.

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Raising a number to a power is a quick way to multiply a number by itself. ... The number 2 is called the base, and the number 5 is called the exponent. Powers ...

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Jerimiah is thinking of a number which,when multiplied times itself gives you a product .... a number is called a perfect number if it equals the sum of all its factors ...

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Roots with indexes of three are normally called "cubed roots." This tells us that we need to figure out which number multiplied by itself 3 times gives us 27.

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One part of the notation is called the base. The base is the number that is being multiplied by itself. The other part of the notation is the exponent, or power.

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Mar 15, 2009 ... when multiplied by itself, gives 2 -- which is a prime number. ... These numbers all belong to the group of numbers called 'irrational' (because ...

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A while back, we talked about a way to write a number times itself. ... The positive number square root is called the PRINCIPAL SQUARE ROOT. So now we can ...