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The formula for finding the area of a trapezoid (BrEng: trapezium) A = 1/2 x B1 x B2 x H.
B1 is the length of the top of the trapezoid, B2 is the length of the base of the trapezoid and H is the height.


Area of a trapezoid is found with the formula, A=(a+b)/2 x h. Learn how to use the formula to find area of trapezoids.


To find the area of a trapezoid, take the sum of its bases, multiply the sum by the height of the trapezoid, and then divide the result by 2, The formula for the area ...



Area of a trapezoid ("trapezium" in British usage). The number of square units it takes to completely fill a trapezoid. Formula: Average width × Altitude.

Jan 28, 2016 ... This lesson covers the area of a trapezoid. Students learn that a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides, and the formula for ...


Calculates the area of a trapezoid given two parallel sides and the height.


How to Calculate the Area of a Trapezoid. A trapezoid (also known as a trapezium in British English) is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of different lengths.


The formula for the area of a trapezoid is the average of the bases times the height,. \displaystyle A=\frac{b_{1}+b_{2}}{2}h. Looking at this problem and when the ...


Math video teaches students how to find the area of a trapezoid.