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Melting, or fusion, is a physical process that results in the phase transition of a substance from a solid to a liquid. This occurs when the internal energy of the solid increases, typically by the ...

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it is a 6 letter term and this is all i got? _ _ _ _ o _ help please!!! ... the circulate of the atoms are call degree of freedoms. the atoms in a stable has ...

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Eventually you would reach a point where the liquid became a solid. If you have ... turns into a solid. There are physical effects that can change the melting point.



A substance in a liquid state can change to a solid state and also to a gas state. ... at which this change from solid to liquid happens is called the melting point.

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The three states of matter are: solid, liquid, and gas. The melting point and boiling point are related to changes of the state of matter. All matter may exist in any of ...

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When a substance goes from one state of matter — solid, liquid, or gas — to another ... The temperature at which melting occurs is the melting point (mp) of the ...

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A: When a gas changes into a liquid, it undergoes a process called vaporization. ... Physical Change of a Solid to a Liquid at the Melting Point · Changes of ...

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Melting is a physical change. ... A: The phase change of a liquid to a solid is referred to as either solidification or ... What is the melting point of t-Butyl alcohol? Q: ...

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This kind of phase change--from gas to liquid--is referred to as condensation. ... a solid and warm it up to change it into a liquid, that change is called melting.

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Nov 13, 2000 ... Changes of state such as melting or boiling are physical changes and are ... unless there is a chemical change whether the matter is solid, liquid or gas. ... Breakdowns where at a point of instability the constituent particles ...