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May 12, 2011 ... Garter snakes tend to have dark gray to black bodies with three light yellow to white stripes running down their length. A few unusual snakes ...


A 'COMPARE IMAGES' link appears on left when under 100 kinds match. Use this to ... Masticophis flagellum [popup] Black .... 17. Orange, 27. Pink, 31. Red, 66 . White, 70. Yellow, 68. Other ... 16. Bands, 56. Blotches, 108. Solid, 3. Stripes ...


Learn more about the Common garter snake - with amazing Common garter snake ... The top of the head is usually dark, with a pair of small, white or yellowish, ... garter snakes have two alternating rows of black spots between the stripes, ...


Bright Bands Blotched ... Common Gartersnake (Formerly Common Garter Snake ). Common ... Plains Black-headed Snake (Plains Black-head Snake) range ...


Black-necked Garter Snake - Thamnophis cyrtopsis .... found 2ft snake, black shinny back with red and black rings on belly what is it ... We seen a black snake with white spots and was wondering wondering what kind it could be and if ...


Photos of North Carolina snakes. ... Click here for lots of snake information! ... Gray Rat, Black Rat, Black Racer, Light Racer, Brown Water, Coachwhip ... Corn color 1, Corn color 2, Common Garter, Striped Garter, Rough Green, Smooth Green.


This simplified identification guide of the snakes of Florida is for use by laymen with no technical training in herpetology.


Describes the primary shape of the snakes head. ... Eastern Black Kingsnake ( Lampropeltis nigra) ... North American Black Racer (Coluber constrictor).


Common snakes with black and red bands include milksnakes, kingsnakes and coral ... and pattern, while other types of kingsnakes are primarily black or brown. ... Its black, red and white markings can resemble rings, but are often blotch- or ...


Common Snakes Identification Guide for the Houston Area ... yellow 11; Defining features; black and white bands on tail 1 · horizontal cheek stripe 1 ... 1 Elapid Snakes Family Elapidae · 5 Vipers Family Viperidae. Search. Sort ... 240px snake cottonmouth, agkistrodon piscivorus by scott zona ... Yellow bellied Water Snake.