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Black-necked Garter Snake - Thamnophis cyrtopsis .... county i need to know what kind of snake this is it aboutabout 2 ft long and it a a black stripe ... We seen a black snake with white spots and was wondering wondering what kind it could be ...

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Checkered Garter Snake: Males: 12-18 inches, females: up to 3 feet. Thin white or yellow stripe down the back, surrounded by checkerboard pattern of black ...

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Garter snakes tend to have dark gray to black bodies with three light yellow to white stripes running down their length. A few unusual snakes have checkered ...

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These stripes can vary from yellowish to brown, green, blue, orange, grey or whitish, ... The top of the head is usually dark, with a pair of small, white or yellowish, ... the common garter snake are quite large, and its tongue is red, with a black tip.

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Common Name, Trans-Pecos Rat Snake. Scientific ... Common Name, Western Worm Snake. Scientific ... Common Name, Regal Black-striped Snake. Scientific  ...

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Photos of North Carolina snakes. ... NORTH CAROLINA SNAKE PICTURES ... Gray Rat, Black Rat, Black Racer, Light Racer, Brown Water, Coachwhip ... Corn color 1, Corn color 2, Common Garter, Striped Garter, Rough Green, Smooth ...

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I mowed 3 of these snakes today and I wanted to know what kind they are. I live in Tulsa ... grey and black patterned snake with wide head. AnswerWas this ...

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There is nothing common about the common kingsnake. ... yellows, oranges, tans , black and white arranged in bands, rings, stripes, patches, spots and speckles ...

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There are several ways to differentiate one type of snake from another, but ... The coral snake has continuous rings of red, yellow and black along its body. ... All have a white or light-colored stripe running down the center of their backs, but ...

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The pattern of markings follows the order white, black, red, black, with the red markings being the largest. ... The coral snake is the only red-and-black-banded venomous snake in the United States, but ... What Kind of Grass Do Zebras Eat?

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| All living things | Snakes ... A 'COMPARE IMAGES' link appears on left when under 100 kinds match. ..... White (2) Tail bottom scale divided. Yes (67) No (2) Tail plain black. No (143) ... 17. Orange, 27. Pink, 31. Red, 66. White, 70. Yellow, 68. Other. 2. Body bottom pattern. 16. Bands, 56. Blotches, 108. Solid, 3. Stripes ...

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There are many varieties of King snake but it is the Common California King snake or the White Banded King snake which are black with the white banding.

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The common kingsnake is one snake that is black and white in color. This snake is found throughout the United States and in other...