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Tornado intensity can be measured by in situ or remote sensing measurements, but since these ... An EF0 tornado will probably damage trees but not substantial structures, whereas an EF5 tornado can ... The EF-scale is more specific in detailing the degrees of damage on different types of structures for a given wind speed.


What type of damage can tornadoes do? The damage from tornadoes comes from the strong winds they contain. It is generally believed that tornadic wind ...


According to infoplease, tornadoes can cause very minimal damage, such as ripping siding off of homes, to catastrophic ... What damage does a tornado do?


Tornadoes have many weapons in their arsenal. The wind is a tornado's primary weapon, but tornadoes can also do damage with lightning, hail and flash floods ...


What Kind of Destruction Do Tornadoes Cause? The Fujita scale classifies tornadoes according to the damage they cause. Almost half of all tornadoes fall into ...


Learn about tornado damage and find a NSDC certified contractor that can help ... to limit the amount of damage a tornado will do to your roof, by shingle type:.


Tornadoes can produce the strongest winds on earth, close to 300 miles per hour ... wide, their destructive path can cause damage a mile wide for over 50 miles.


Tornadoes effect the environment by destroying buildings and trees. Tornadoes also kill animals, ... Here is an example of how much damage a tornado can do: ...


Students learn about tornadoes, the damage they cause, and how to rate tornadoes. ... measured wind speeds and degree of damage to certain types of structures. .... which means weather conditions make tornadoes likely, but does not mean ...


Where do tornadoes most often occur in the United States? ... Tornadoes form under a certain set of weather conditions in which three very different types of air come together in a certain way. ... What is the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale?