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According to infoplease, tornadoes can cause very minimal damage, such as ripping siding off of homes, to catastrophic damage, which can literally lift homes off their foundations....

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Also, two tornadoes which look very different can produce similar damage. This is due to the fact that tornadoes form by several ...

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Oct 5, 2008 ... Even though tornadoes do not have names they can be strong storms. Like when tornadoes struck Britain during a race, in that year 306 ...

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Jun 18, 2009 ... How do tornadoes form? Tornadoes form where ... Do tornadoes occur only in the spring? ... How much damage can tornadoes cause? That all ...

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The wind is a tornado's primary weapon, but tornadoes can also do damage with lightning, hail and flash ... What Kind of Damage Does Ivy Cause to a Home .

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The damage depends on the intensity and can range from minor damage to total devastation. At the lowest end of damage (EF0) tree limbs are broken and.

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The severity of damage caused by a torndo can vary widley, andthere is in fact a scale used to rate tornadoes ... What type of damage can a tornado create?

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Damage varies depending on how strong the tornado is. ... What type of tornado is the most damaging? .... What can humans do to minimize tornado damage?

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banner. Where do tornadoes happen? ... What damage can a tornado do? tornado damage. This photograph from 2007 shows the damage a tornado can do!

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Damage paths of tornadoes can be in excess of one mile wide and 50 miles long. Tornadoes can accompany tropical storms and hurricanes once on land. Its super important to be prepared for ... "What to do in a Tornado." Governor's Office of ...

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What type of damage can tornadoes do? The damage from tornadoes comes from the strong winds they contain. It is generally believed that tornadic wind ...

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Learn about tornado damage and find a NSDC certified contractor that can help ... to limit the amount of damage a tornado will do to your roof, by shingle type:.



Tornadoes can produce the strongest winds on earth, close to 300 miles per hour ... wide, their destructive path can cause damage a mile wide for over 50 miles.

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Damage paths can be in excess of one mile wide to 50 miles long. In an average ... Tornado How do tornadoes form? Most tornadoes form from thunderstorms.

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What Kind of Destruction Do Tornadoes Cause? The Fujita scale classifies tornadoes according to the damage they cause. Almost half of all tornadoes fall into ...