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Some types of fish eat plant matter and small organisms, while others are carnivorous and eat other fish.

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Aquarium fish feed is plant or animal material intended for consumption by ... Flake food is a type of proprietary or artificially manufactured fish food ... for fish over protein or fat but digesti...

Plants as Fish Food - Fish Species


Aquatic plants can be attractive and a good fish food. ... In addition to the right substrate, the plants need to receive enough light and the right kind of light. ... All you have to do is to put some rocks in water in a container separate from the ... ways to provide growing plants for fish to eat is to attach either Riccia or Java m...

What Do Goldfish Eat Besides Goldfish Flakes? - Pets


Just like the rest of us, goldfish do best with some variety in their diets, and thrive on a varied diet that's ... Flakes are only one type of food for goldfish. ... Clip lettuce and zucchini to the side of the aquarium to make it easy for your fish to grab.

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Apr 29, 2013 ... http://takeusfishing.blogspot.com/ what do fish eat One of the most ... Buy different kinds of flaked foods so that your fish can get a variety of ...

Feeding Your Fish - The First Tank Guide - How to Feed Aquarium ...


Jun 18, 2012 ... It is important to know the types of foods your fish need and how much ... all fish also graze on live plants, and there are very few that do not ...

What can gold fish eat other than fish food? Any human food ...


May 25, 2008 ... I have a new gold fish and they ran out of fish food at the store what else can i feed it. ... Although goldfish love plant material and algae they do require the ... Cooked Shrimp - These are the peel and eat kind of shrimp you can ...

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Feb 23, 2012 ... They are opportunistic in nature and survive on almost any kind of food they obtain near the bottom of sea. Their diet includes worms, small fish, ...

Fish for Kids: Learn all about aquatic and ocean marine life - Ducksters


What are gills and how do they breathe in the water? ... three major types or classes of fish including jawless, cartilaginous, and bony fish. ... Some fish eat plant life. ... There are special aquariums and food you can get to take care of your fish.

Do Fish Really Like Eating Earthworms? - Today I Found Out


Mar 19, 2015 ... For example, a catfish will happily eat dead bugs, plants, snails, fish eggs ... All that said, with bait, you don't want to present just any old food ... But at least one type of fish really do seem to like things that look like earthworms.

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How do fish eat and excrete waste? ... There are several types of food for the aquarium fish - live food such as worms and shrimp, frozen food and pre- packaged ...

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Some kinds of fish eat small organisms and plant matter, whereas others are ... They're naturally opportunistic and survive on nearly any sort of food they get ...

What do goldfish eat? All about goldfish food | The Goldfish Tank


Including goldfish food available from your local pet shop, some alternative types of food that you may want to add to your fish's diet, and – most importantly – we ...

What Fish Food to Feed Your Fish - Fish Species


Aquarium stores sell a wide variety of frozen fish food items ranging from .... things like seahorses and Mandarinfish that consume small animals of various types. ... slow-feeding species, do not mix them with anything that might eat their food, ...

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There are some carnivorous (meat eating) fish, some herbivorous (plant eating), ... What do ocean fish eat? What do bony fish eat? ... areas by displacing the top predator, causing a disruption in the food chain. ... What are types of bony fish?