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Some medicines that come from the rain forest include theophylline, vincristine and Mevacor. Plants in the rain forest contain compounds that are used to treat dozens of diseases a...

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Many of our original medicines were derived from plants - and many that we still ... In the Amazon, visitors have come to learn about plant medicines from Don ...

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Jan 26, 2013 ... The benefits to humanity of nature-derived medicines are incalculable ..... of our carbon emissions come from one thing, burning the rainforests.

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The Amazon Rainforest stretches over a billion acres in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, and the ... Currently, over 120 drugs come from plant-derived sources.

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And according to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, more than two-thirds of all medicines found to have cancer-fighting properties come from rainforest plants.

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Fun facts, information and pictures for kids about food and medicine in the rainforest: 80% of the developed world's food originally came from rainforests. ... drugs, medicines that can make us feel better, come from plant-derived sources.

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The Rainforests host over half the world's species and indigenous peoples use them for medicine. About 7000 of today's medicines are from plants.

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Dec 21, 2012 ... We can not expect to see a plethora of rain-forest remedies come ... of rainforest medicinals by local shamans and herbal medicine men, barely ...

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... if we stop deforestation. PLANTS OF THE AMAZON RAINFOREST ... Curare is used in medicine as a muscle relaxant and in Parkinson's disease. Kapok Tree.

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Q: What medicine come from the rainforest?
A: Tropical rainforests, which account for only seven percent of the world's total land mass, harbor as much as half of all known varieties of plants. Experts say ... Read More »
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Q: What percentage of medicine comes from the rainforest?
A: That depends on how you look at it. Few currently used drugs come directly from the rainforest, although many drugs were developed on the basis of 'lead compoun... Read More »
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Q: What food's come from the rainforest.
A: sugar cola things that flavor cola drinks. Read More »
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Q: 1 medicine that comes from tropical rainforest plants.
A: Ginger :3. Read More »
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Q: What fruits come from the rainforest.
A: There are over 3,000 fruits found in rainforests.Some are the Apricot Tomato,Baby Papaya,Bael Fruit,Cassabanana & the Chiclet Read More »
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